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infoXBOX, PS2 & 3, and Wii games are available at the library for one week rentals!



An online community for teens on the web featuring chat, games, art, writing, poetry, fiction, music, celebrity interviews, movie and product reviews



Reviews of Films, Games, Music, and DVDs with scored ratings from many critic


Internet Movie Database

The ultimate movie database.


Rotten Tomatoes

Movie reviews and celebrity info.


Episode Lists for over 2000 TV shows.


TV Guide

Your guide to what to watch, when and where to find it.


Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Find current and past Oscar award winners and nominees.

A note to teens…Check out GamesThatGive, a new website that generates money for charity when you play their free online games. How does it work? Sponsors advertise on the games, and 70% of every dollar they spend goes to Do Something! Check out and tell some friends about this fun new way to Do Something to help change the world.
A note to parents…Reach and Teach TEENS through their World of CD’s, DVD’s and Video Gaming!
No wonder that some parents feel their children are addicted to gaming. Gaming is a form of “Storytime” and although reading provides a different path to a story, in moderation gaming can be used as a powerful tool in creative role-playing. Likewise, “mindless” arcade style video games frequently involve strategy, reflex dexterity and wacky fun. Check out our growing Digital Departments in both children’s and Young Adult.

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