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Teens Summer Reading Program

Teens Summer Reading Program

Join in the fun this summer at the library where we have lots of activities for teens.

Check out our activities for teens beginning July 8

On June 10th – We welcome you to Phoenixville Public Library’s 2013 Young Adult Summer Reading Program, “Beneath the Surface”, which continues until August 9th.

Program Rules:
1. Read books, eBooks, or listen to audiobooks and complete a review online.
2. For each review (160 characters max.) you will get one free media rental coupon (for a feature DVD or a video game, or an audio book) and a raffle ticket for the final drawing.
3. If you attend one of the Library’s teen programs, you will receive an additional raffle ticket for each program you attend.
4. The raffle tickets will enter you into a final prize drawing at the conclusion of the summer.

★ Register for ‘Beneath the Surface (6th to 12th Grade)’ ★ (Starting June 10th.)




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